Cadbury Dairy Milk: ShubhAarambh League

Swapna Raghavan and Kumar Subramaniam

Campaign details

Brand owner: Cadbury India – Mondelez International
Agency: Digital Agency – Pinstorm
Brand: Cadbury Dairy Milk
Country: India

Executive summary

Cricket being a religion in India is now a cliché. And T20, the brash new avatar of the game, being its reigning god is also well known. In this context, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has taken this reigning god and made it into a huge entertainment event which draws in mammoth crowds and television viewership from across the country, thus ensuring that IPL has become one of the most expensive and favourite properties for the advertisers.

IPL generates a lot of chatter on Twitter and Facebook, and consistently features in trending conversations for the duration of the two-month event. While official sponsors do everything to get bang for their buck, non-sponsors also look to build a connect.