Long Term Effectiveness – Dove – Dove Deodorant (GOLD)

Client: Unilever
Brand: Dove
Campaign: Dove Deodorant
Category: Long-term Effectiveness

Dove was already an established deodorant brand in Europe when it launched its current campaign in 2003. As category penetration leveled off and brands sought to win share simply by introducing new fragrances or stressing generic benefits, Dove calculated that to grow the category as a whole, as well as win share, it would have to introduce a new set of higher order benefits while still reassuring on the core driver of efficacy. The campaign enabled Dove to become a beauty icon through owning the attribute 'best at improving the look and feel of underarm skin', without any perceived trade off in efficacy. As a result, Dove met its ambitious long term share targets within 2–3 years, generating a marginal contribution equivalent to 3.5 times the media invested.