Gaming 0.0 – A research game as an innovative 'offline' research tool

Jeroen Verbrugge and Abke Geels
FLEX/theINNOVATIONLAB, The Netherlands

Sylvie Verbiest
Blauw Research, Netherlands

Arthur Fletcher
Blauw Research, United Kingdom


Our quest was driven by a commercial imperative – to find a business solution to a business problem. FLEX/theINNOVATIONLAB, an established industrial design company, and Blauw research have been working for many years using various techniques to generate ideas for new products. Our problem was that we were uncomfortable with the way these techniques worked and the quality of ideas that were being produced.

In particular, we were concerned that consumers were getting involved in the ideas process at too late of a stage. Although the scope of the ideas we generated was wide and the quality of ideas was good, we didn't know if these ideas represented what the consumer really wanted. Consumers became involved in the process once early concepts were developed – they were 'concept evaluators', not 'concept generators'.