On the other hand:

Seeing the Wood for Trees: Is Print Media Going Back to the Future?


Abelard and Heloise; Richard Burton and Liz Taylor; William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies; Wallace Simpson and the Duke of Windsor; Romeo and Juliet; Brangelina; Bill Clinton and his multi-purpose cigar … the list of historic infatuations is seemingly endless!

All were tempestuous, some fatuous, others vexatious - with three of these affaires du coeur failing to end in happiness ever after.

As grand passions go, however, those storybook romances pale into insignificance alongside the heavy-breathing threesome of marketers, ad agencies and the seductive siren that is the worldwide web.

But seventeenth-century English scholar, poet, and dramatist George Chapman knew a thing or two about such matters, opining: "For one heat, all know, doth drive out another / One passion doth expel another still."