Doritos: Alan

Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO


This is a story of triumph over adversity. 2009 was a tough recessionary year, and Doritos' core target - 16 - 24 year olds (the so-called Millennials), were feeling the pinch of the credit crunch. But in the midst of instability, we identified a massive opportunity. While money-conscious Millennials were no longer splashing out, they certainly hadn't stopped having fun. They were swapping “big nights out” for “big nights in” - and Doritos already had a strong hold on informal social occasions and gatherings.

The “Alan” campaign sought to capitalize on this trend by providing Millennials with social stimulation around “big nights in". We started by analysing the key components of a big night in. Yes snacking is one essential ingredient - but for our hyper-social Millennials, no big night is complete without some form of entertainment. So we designed a campaign that amplified the two key ingredients that make nights in with friends more enjoyable - snacking and entertainment. We scrutinized popular culture at the time, because youth brands like Doritos need to be “culture sleuths". The real breakthrough came in teaming up with none other than the cultural phenomenon that is “Guitar Hero", to unleash the inner rock god in corn chip fans up and down the country.