WHISKAS: Love Your Cat

Category: Return on Investment; FMCG
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Client: MARS New Zealand


The WHISKAS Dry campaign of 2009 and 2010 is considered the most successful product makeover in MARS NZ History. The campaign took the brand from being a drain on business to a brand that is now a key contributor to sales growth.


After a six year decline, MARS’ biggest cat food brand WHISKAS DRY was in such bad shape with consumers that it had become solely reliant on price and promotional discounting to simply hold its sales.

The brand had become a victim to mid-market, and was being pipped at the post by ONE and Chow at the top end of the scale, and by Friskies at the budget end.

Furthermore, WHISKAS was facing an average price rise of 15% per kg, and an average reduction in distribution of just over 8%. To add to this, cat food is a category where little switching between brands happens – once the cat licks the bowl, owners tend to stick to the same brand.