Big Data and the value of information: Innovative applications of big data collection and where it could lead

Jeffrey Hunter
Cambiar Consulting, USA

The context of growth

While this paper focuses on the evolving information landscape, it does so in the context of "growth".

Of all the metrics that measure the performance of business probably none is more important than "growth". Don Lehmann and David Reibstein, in Marketing Metrics and Financial Performance, describe "growth" as "essentially the ultimate metric". The absence of growth can have fairly dire consequences. McKinsey notes in an article from 2007 that "a company whose revenue increase(s) more slowly than GDP was five times more likely to succumb in the next cycle ... than a company that expanded more rapidly".

When we think about elements of the evolving information landscape, such as big data, we get excited because we are desperate for growth, and we hope our investments of time and money in these areas will identify new opportunities for growth.

Information and the pursuit of growth