How BT saves £2 million a year through social media

Matthew Carlton

The #IPASocialWorks project has identified customer service as one area where there is concrete evidence that social media is effective.

To illustrate, Joanna Howard, Head of Customer Service at BT, presented in detail about how telecoms giant BT approaches social in this space. Her headline statistic: using social media saves BT around £2 million a year.

Howard outlined how Twitter, and to a lesser extent Faceboook and YouTube, are being utilised by BT to not only make substantial cost savings, but also to help BT reduce churn and engage with its millions of users across the UK.

Research from Adobe revealed that a quarter of business use social media for customer services purposes – trailing content marketing (37%), marketing campaigns (37%) and brand awareness (64%) its most popular use. In deciding its social media strategy BT asked itself the question "what do consumers want from us?" disclosed Howard. And the brand felt a customer service-focused approach would best serve consumers.