Cooking with Goethe: Gaining Insights and Foresights Through Cultural Patterns in Everyday Life

Ramona Wehlig, Thomas Pohne, Jens Lönneker, Kirsten Juchem


Morphology is the science of shapes and forms. In our contribution we want to point out how psychic forms and shapes create an "international language" that allows for comparing qualitative findings from different countries all over the world yet does justice to local differences and peculiarities.

"Glocal" market research has always been looking for a common language that connects consumers across markets and countries. There is a common language but, alas, it is not conscious. However, Goethe’s ideas gave an access to it. On a subconscious level our everyday doings and dealings can be perceived as shapes and patterns that appear, change, and disappear over time. Every aspect of life and every product category can be understood in its shapes and developments which take different forms in different cultures and times but are consistent as general patterns.