And Why Not?

Sun Microsystems

Delwyn Swingewood

Silicon Valley stalwart Sun Microsystems may not be the biggest company in the computing world but it certainly wants to make a noise with its current global campaign. Scott Kraft, Sun's marketing and advertising supremo, talked to Delwyn Swingewood.

Before the dotcom bubble burst, Sun billed itself as the 'dot in dotcom'. Today, the US$12.4 billion company is struggling to turn itself around with the help of its 'Why Not?' global advertising campaign, created by J Walter Thompson. Sun reputedly spends US$100 million on global advertising and the push features questions such as 'Why not create a place where every CIO's dream comes true?' and 'Why not make computers manage their own complexity?' In other words, why not use Sun instead of Microsoft, IBM or Dell? Former marketing consultant Scott Kraft has the task of getting that message across the world from the company's headquarters in Santa Clara, California, to Sapporo in Japan.

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