Humanising big data: Applying a qualitative analysis lens to big data

Vartika Malviya Hali, Anupama Wagh-Koppar and Sandeep Arora


This paper takes up the challenge of bringing together two seemingly contrasting worlds of Big Data and Qualitative Research. It focuses on areas and gaps that Qualitative can address in conventional Big Data analysis. A change in the research approach by bringing in Qualitative human intervention in Big Data Analysis can result in richer, more insightful and actionable outputs in real time.

Big data is hot

The global Big Data market (services and analytics) opportunity is estimated to grow at estimated 45% annually to hit US $25bn by 2015 and the Indian Big Data industry's contribution to this will be US $1bn.1) Global interest in Big Data has grown exponentially and this is evident from the number of papers / articles and conferences on Big Data globally.2)