Media Empires: Babies and BT

Peter Fiddick

Rarely can we have had so timely a reminder of how important it is, when contemplating media matters, to take the long view. And who better to have, yet again, shown the rest of the world the way. I refer, of course, to the announcement that Mr and Mrs Rupert Murdoch are expecting a happy event.

When, a couple of years or so ago, the rumours that the elderly AustralianAmerican media mogul had separated from his wife of many years and taken up with a Chineseborn beauty (roughly the age of his children) were confirmed, there was a regrettable outbreak of badinage of the life in old dogs variety. But no one, as I recall, thought much about babies. One can't help wondering if the existing Murdoch offspring all at the time senior executives in daddy's empire did either.

Now Rupes has shamed our saucy chuckles. What the man was doing, it is now abundantly clear, was simply moving to secure the future of the family empire even unto the third generation. For 30 years hence, when Laghlan Murdoch and his siblings are ready to pass the baton, Wendi's 'Baby M' will be of an age to take it on yielding the Murdoch empire a full century of growth with the founder's genes scarcely diluted.