Retailers as media destinations

Robert Wolf
Research and Analytics, In-Store Broadcasting Network (IBN), United States

George Wishart
Interactive Market Systems, Inc. (IMS), United States

Craig Gugel
Worldwide Analytics & Strategy, Interactive Market Systems, Inc. (IMS), United States


It's no secret that traditional media audiences continue to erode. Over the past six years, total hours spent with conventional broadcast television, magazines and newspapers have declined 8% to 13% while media efficiencies for these “traditionals” have become exceedingly less efficient. Consumers in dual career households, whose lifestyles have become ever more complex, are growing increasingly frazzled. Attention spans have become shorter and channeling consumers to focus is a much more difficult task. In fact, one of the few times that consumers do actually pay attention is when they are in a store attempting to make a purchase decision. It's at that precise moment when the effects of advertising have the greatest impact.