Eight ways to improve your storytelling

Matthew Carlton

Modern consumers, according to Daniel Zeff, CEO of Evidently, are not too different from young children. Presenting at Advertising week Europe with ex-Unilever CMO Simon Clift, he explained how both are:

  • Impatient – to have things, to see things, to know things
  • Surrounded by enticing new things – around them, in the retail space, online and at their fingertips in a smart phone
  • Unpredictable – children are growing and they change quickly. For consumers it's the world around us growing and changing quicker than ever. In the always-on world we live in today the agenda changes rapidly, work one minute, home life the next – there's fast food, fast fashion, high speed travel, more information and more uncertainty
  • Adore stories – whether it's the bed time story or the box set binge. Both seek diversion and appreciate immersion in tales that entertain, enrich and enhance us.