Show Me Your Home And I Will Tell You Who You Are

Building homes based on consumer's values and lifestyles. Using interactive tools to present strategic insight.

Lena Gilchrist
Ipsos-Eureka AB
Britt-Marie Eriksson and Olof Eriksson


Skanska, a company founded in 1887, is one of the world's leading companies within construction-related services and project development. Skanska has a turnover of approximately SEK 165 billion (2001), around 79,000 employees (February 2002), and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (now Stockholmsbrsen). Skanska operates in 23 permanent markets, including Sweden, the United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, the Czech Republic, Argentina and Hong Kong. Skanska's mission is to develop and service the physical environment for consumers' living, working and travelling needs.