Mixing music and social media – success stories from Sony, SingTel and Hewlett-Packard

Low Lai Chow

When Sony Music ran a 15-second spot during Saturday Night Live, the late-night American comedy show, it quickly realised the power of social media. The commercial simply contained an excerpt from the forthcoming album "Random Access Memories" by French electronic music duo Daft Punk, but the response was much more substantive.

"Within 24 hours, there were literally thousands of versions of that 15-second snippet on YouTube," said Ole Obermann, executive vice president of digital partner development and sales for Sony Music Entertainment, while speaking on a panel at Digital & Music Matters 2013 in Singapore.

"One guy had looped it for ten hours, and that thing actually got several hundred-thousand views in the first couple of days. Other people were putting their own lyrics on top of the 15-second music bit. The fanbase basically went to work and … with that snippet we gave them, they created this massive buzz and speculation.