Choosing And Using Agencies

The marketing services sector is replete with agencies offering advertisers an immense range of creative and media services, either on a solus, specialised basis or, increasingly, across a variety of the different creative disciplines an advertiser might require. In this crowded marketplace, agencies have many problems in selling their services, and advertisers have an equal and opposite task in finding the right agency or agencies to meet their needs.

The issues

Finding the right agency is not the only problem facing the advertiser. Managing the relationship to get the best possible value from it is critical, as the only effective way to get a return from the time, effort and upheaval incurred in changing agencies or even in simply setting up a new relationship. This means that marketers need to be prepared to devote real effort both to defining and refining their agency contracts and to getting the detailed briefing right. And once the relationship is in place, managing it to the best advantage requires both sensitivity and efficiency two things that do not always sit well together.