Social Media

Antonia Miranda and Anneken Tappe


According to the Pew Internet study, "Social Media and Mobile Internet Use among Teens and Young Adults":

  • Overall, 93% of US teens and 74% of US adults use the internet

  • 73% of online American teens use social networking sites (SNS)

  • 47% of online adults use SNS


  • According to Pew Internet, the more devices a person owns, the more likely they are to tweet or update their status using another SNS

  • Median ages of users

    • Twitter – 31 years old

    • Facebook – 33 years old

    • MySpace – 26 years old

    • LinkedIn – 39 years old (Pew Internet, 2009).

  • 86% of teens comment on a friend’s wall, page, or SNS and 83% of teens comment on friends’ photos found on that same site.