Heart of the City: Beautify Your City

Colenso BBDO


Category: Not-For-Profit
Country where program ran: New Zealand
Date program started/ended: November 2010

Product Description: Heart of the City exists to foster and promote the welfare of the business community of the Auckland Central Business District (CBD). This includes promoting the city as a destination for shopping, dining and events as well as assisting the council with improving the overall appearance of the CBD.

Advertiser/Client Name: Heart of the City
Media Channels:
Direct Mail


The correct disposal of rubbish is a complex business. Many businesses feel that the rates they pay cover the business waste that they output. However, this is not the case.

The rubbish collection covered in the rates only covers a residential output and many businesses output a lot more rubbish than what is covered in their rates bill. On top of this, there are four different types of rubbish – General, Recycling, Paper & Cardboard and Fats & Oils – and each type has different rules and times for correct disposal.