Trendwatch: Entrepreneuria

David Mattin

Driven by ability, curiosity or necessity, and facilitated by new digital platforms, consumers are inventing, creating, building and crowdfunding. In 2014, brands that fuel this rush towards Entrepreneuria will attract attention , and maybe even a little love.

Of course, the blurring of the boundaries between consumers and producers, between brand and consumer, is nothing new. But an array of emerging technologies – think everything from accessible 3D printing to digital platforms such as Kickstarter and Etsy – mean that this long-term shift is reaching a new maturity. That means that in 2014 , many consumers yearn for something more meaningful than the same old brand-led co-creation or crowdsourcing initiatives. Instead, rising numbers of consumers are looking to brands to supercharge their ideas , projects and initiatives. These consumers feel emboldened by falling barriers to entry in many industries and sectors: and now they're looking to turn their ideas into real (and often profit-making) enterprises – 68% of Millennials believe they have the opportunity to become an entrepreneur or bring an idea to market (Telefónica , June 2013) – but it's by no means located just in that demographic.