Trendwatch: Mychiatry

David Mattin

Before you step out of the information maelstrom for a few, precious microseconds over the holidays, your thoughts have, no doubt, turned to the year ahead. What will 2014 hold for the ever-changing consumer desires, mindsets and behaviours, and how will brands respond in an attention marketplace that is evermore fractured and challenging?

To fill in one piece of the 2014 jigsaw as we see it, here is one, actionable trend from our current Trend Briefing: '7 Consumer Trends to Run With in 2014'. Across the next 12 months, we'll see rising numbers of consumers embracing 'Mychiatry': new digital tools that allow them to track and improve mental wellbeing.

Of course, the impulse to self-tracking will be wellestablished on your radar. But, to date, most digital innovation around the quantified self has focused on the physical being: physical activity, sleep, diet, and physical metrics such as blood pressure. Now, as consumers increasingly come to see their smartphones as devices for total lifestyle assistance, that will change. Improvements in techniques and tools for selfdiagnosis and stress-detection will see consumers turn more often to digital services that offer the same insight into, and sense of control over, their mental wellbeing as previous quantified self-innovations have offered over physical wellbeing.