Landor's 2010 trends forecast: Market trends and their impact on brands

Josey Duncan Lee, Mich Bergesen, Alex Do, Peter Knapp, Jason Little, Russ Meyer, Susan Nelson, Scott Osman, Lulu Raghavan and Luc Speisser

In 2009, bling-bling officially conceded to bargain bin. Companies began touting chic “recessionista” style, and we gathered around the family dinner table to celebrate our return to basics. Sobered and shaken, we said goodbye to copious credit and settled into the careful- with-case lifestyle.

Even if 2010 ushers the flush times back in, the lessons we've learned from financial necessity are here to stay. So what's next? We asked nine of Landor's branding experts to dust off their crystal balls.

In 2010 we'll see the social web take the spotlight as we learn to filter noise and concentrate on connections. It's clear that mobile technology has the potential to link people in ways the personal computer can't approach. Will the phone screen become the first screen?