A New MR Mix for the New Age Information Ecosystem: Proposing big change in content mix, not process

Radhecka Roy
Sunita Venkataraman
Intel Corporation


The Information Ecosystem around us has changed beyond recognition over the past few years. Even the most remote consumer today leaves a digital trail that reveals their behaviour and preferences. Opinions are freely and volitionally dispensed and technology exists today that allows us to view a consumer more holistically by integrating information from diverse sources. Big Data is an exciting new area that allows us to understand and predict consumer behaviour using this very digital footprint the consumer is leaving for us.

Marketers today are faced with new and different challenges in this new world, and have an opportunity to leverage this new Information Ecosystem to strengthen their judgement in decision making. The MR industry is beautifully positioned to embrace this step change. Over the past few years, the research industry has made great strides in honing the process of data elicitation and collection.