Piattos: Turning the underdog into the talk of the town

Maria Palman

Campaign details

Brand owner: Universal Robina Corporation
Agency: Iris Indonesia
Brand: Piattos
Country: Indonesia
Channels used: Magazines - consumer, Radio, Social media, Television, Word of mouth and viral
Media budget:Up to 500k

Executive summary

The Indonesian snacking industry is as competitive as it is complicated. It is a broad market with a vast selection of snacking options, where modern snacks compete with well-entrenched, culturally familiar traditional snacks (eg krupuk). It takes an aggressive marketing and communications push for more modern snacks like potato chips to gain awareness and consideration for consumption. Piattos, a relatively young brand with a limited budget, faced the challenge of stealing the spotlight from more established snack brands in order to gain awareness. By going against the trend within the category, Piattos was able to reach its market and create buzz for the campaign and the brand in a more targeted way, resulting in optimised investments:

  • Piattos is currently second for Top-of-mind awareness, remarkable considering its limited budget for above-the line (ATL) spending of US$160,000, which has to compete with that of category leader Chitato at an estimated US$2m
  • Piattos' campaign resulted in an extra US$55,000 of earned media on ATL and digital exposure, which is an additional 34% of the brand's total ad spend
  • Piattos' sales grew by 11% in 2011, a higher-than-average category growth of 4%.

Market background and business objectives