Fiat eco:Drive

Sebastian Kemmler


Green is the new black in the car market.

There is hardly a car manufacturer that does not now celebrate its concern for nature. Even the much-maligned Hummer has launched a 100-mpg hybrid version of its SUV.

For Fiat the shift to ‘green’ posed a great opportunity, because it has always specialised in building small, nippy and efficient cars and has the lowest CO2 emissions of all car brands in Europe.

The challenge for Fiat, however, was that few people knew this.

Fiat could not compete with the media budgets of other brands, making it much harder to cut through the clutter of eco-messaging in the segment. Because everyone talked ‘green’, the brand that actually was ‘green’ did not get the recognition it deserved.

Our task was to undo this injustice, and establish Fiat as an eco-leader among young, digitally savvy customers.