IBM: CIOs cut out for lunch

OgilvyOne Australia

Entry Information

Country where program ran: Australia
Program start date: 02/21/12
Program end date: 03/01/13
Advertiser/Client Name: IBM
Product/Service Description: IBM Managed Services – There are two ways your business can access IT products like storage, servers, data centres, security, etc. You can buy the hardware and/or software and install it in your own building. Or you can use a Managed Services supplier, like IBM, who will house, support, maintain and update the services for you remotely.
Category: Information Technologies (IT)


Business problem

The target audience was Chief Information Officers (CIOs) of medium-sized companies who have the business volume to justify outsourcing. They are incredibly busy with more and more responsibility. IBM Australia have offered high-quality IT outsourcing for some time. Unfortunately, the IT departments of Australia's medium sized businesses didn't see IBM playing in this space. Their perception was that IBM only offered this service to the top end of town. The busy CIOs leading these departments are increasingly being forced to orchestrate their limited IT resources to meet escalating business demands. "Do more with less" has become the mantra.