Seeing Around the Corner

A Role for Marketing Research in Turbulent Times

Michael A. Lotti
Corporate Marketing Office, Eastman Kodak Company, United States


Companies and Market Researchers (MR) operating in technology markets face a number of challenges. The business environment is rapidly evolving, especially in digital and technology markets. MR is responsible for bringing a fact basis to business decision. However, when the market situation is changing quickly or is yet to develop, delivering facts to guide decisions is difficult. The creativity and competitive intensity of a market creates turbulence, that is, unexpected shocks. Change may be nonlinear rather than smoothly transitioning.

To participate in decision making and keep its seat at the table, MR must have a point of view on what the business situation will become. It is critical to anticipate the changes in direction and velocity of market development. That is, we must try to “see around the corner” to anticipate where the road might lead us.