Owens DDB

Company profile

Owens DDB is a 100% Irish owned Creative Agency generating ideas that will meet its Client's business objectives. It is an affiliate of the highly awarded DDB Network and has been trading in Dublin for over 50 years.

Mediacom has rapidly risen through the ranks since the recent establishment of its Dublin office. Its emphasis on smart thinking means it now runs a number of high profile brands in the Irish market and continues to grow in strength as part of the world's largest buying media network.

Introduction & Background

The car industry in Ireland has been in turmoil since 2008. That year saw a drop in new car sales of 64.5% - arguably the most severely hit industry with the onset of recession.

With the market facing such a difficult situation manufacturers knew that recovery would be a drawn out process. Furthermore, all aspects of their business would need careful examination to understand how their respective brands could survive in the new reality they faced. As one industry member said, "We, as an industry, have forgotten how to do the fundamentals of car sales and brand growth because for the last ten years we didn't need to."