Indian brands and the global market: an interview with Narayana Murthy

Kamini Banga
Dialogue with India

Narayana MurthyInfosys was one of the first home-grown companies to place India on the global stage. It was the first to articulate, design and implement the global delivery model that became the foundation for India's successful IT outsourcing industry. It has taken only one generation for it to move from start-up to an admired global blue chip firm, and it is arguably the only major example in India of a company built around a Western-style corporate structure – it is neither a conglomerate, nor a family-owned business like so many other successful Indian companies.

At the helm for the past 30 years has been Narayana Murthy, who became Chairman Emeritus in August 2011. As Murthy steps down from his active role in Infosys, he talks about the role of entrepreneurs in India, and the future of Indian business as it looks beyond its own shores.

How has entrepreneurship and business in India evolved?