TV budget optimisation: Maximise multi-screen audience response

Dan Hagen

Investment in VoD is way below its share of audiovisual viewing. Carat's Dan Hagen explains why and outlines methodology for combining online video with TV to enhance a TV plan.

I'm not even sure how I'm officially consuming audiovisual content any more; I have so many options available to me in my own home: linear TV, catch-up TV, Sky Anytime, Sky Anytime+, SkyGo on the iPad, iPlayer on the PS3, 4oD on the Xbox, the laptop. I could literally be watching ten different programmes at the same time through different devices. And I supposedly know what I'm doing. The average consumer is somewhat less informed – which is probably the point. Consumers don't really make the distinction, they're after good quality content delivered in the most convenient way.

My list just covered the delivery mechanisms available to me; there is also the second screen factor. People have been 'multi-screening' for years and there's plenty of research which shows that much of the extra time we're spending on our laptops, tablets and mobiles is additive to the overall media mix; further complexities for the marketer to wrestle with.