The digital dilemma

By Amelia Torode

Head of Strategy & Innovation, VCCP

Although flattered to be asked to write this chapter on digital, I hesitated at first. This was not on account of my two usual excuses (busyness or laziness) but because increasingly I am confused as to what ‘digital’ means anymore. The fact that I have taken to putting quotation marks around the word is a sure sign of my genuine feelings of ambiguity. So given that I don't know any longer what exactly digital is, that makes it pretty hard to know how best to measure it and even harder to write about.

I used to know what digital meant. I used to know how to measure it. Back in 1998, when I was a young planner at MindShare Digital, digital meant intelligent, efficient banner campaigns. Nice and measurable especially if your client had a transactional website to track sales from. A few years later at Ogilvy Interactive New York digital was still quite easy to comprehend – essentially it meant well-designed and engaging websites. Again easy to measure. We looked at page views, repeat visits and talked a lot about stickiness.