Honda CR-V: The social activity vehicle



From sport utility vehicle to social activity vehicle

Can a car tell you that life is worth living? The sport utility vehicle did for Boomers, back when muddy hoods and thick steel bumpers sent a signal that you weren't a washed-up suburbanite. But over time the category lost its aspiration as the SUV image moved away from the outdoors. CR-V wanted to bring it back, but we knew it had to be a new interpretation in order to appeal to the next generation of younger SUV buyers.

Leveraging a specific life stage and lifestyle of our target, we created a campaign centered around a term defined by their current ambitions, with CR-V as the catalyst. By encouraging and helping them go out and do things together, CR-V became a new symbol for the SUV: the Social Activity Vehicle. And in return, CR-V had its best January through May sales in the car's 15-year-history and reigned as the #1 SUV in America*.