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Entry Information

Country where program ran: Australia
Program start date: 04/15/12
Program end date: 05/31/12
Advertiser/Client Name: Bupa Aged Care
Product/Service Description: We were educating politicians about the benefits of working with Bupa in defining aged care reforms in Australia.
Category: Pharmaceutical/Healthcare (PHH)


Business problem

Leading up to the 2012 Budget, the prevailing opinion of federal MPs is that our Aged Care system is fundamentally broken and needs to be reformed. Bupa Aged Care disagrees with the proposed changes. Bupa successfully runs 48 private residential aged care facilities in Australia; evidence that the prevailing system can work. Rather than dramatically reforming the system, Bupa thinks that it needs to simply evolve to be more FAIR, FLEXIBLE, SECURE, SIMPLE and SPECIALIST. The problem is that Bupa has not been part of the process to date. MPs are a difficult bunch to reach, with lobbyists and constituents all vying to be heard – particularly around budget time. Bupa's challenge was to cut through the noise and shift opinion fast.