Generation Z

Jessica Letizia and Jenna Drew

Demographic Overview

Whether called Generation Z, Pluralists (Magid Generational Strategies, 2012) or just Teens, the latest Generation to come of age was born sometime in the mid- to late 1990's or early 2000's and is following in Millenials' footsteps in becoming an important demographic for marketers and brands alike.

A 2012 survey by JWT noted that "Gen Z will be tech-fluent in many ways, and certainly more connected than any generation before. They will be a multicultural and globally oriented mindset—even more so than the Millennials that preceded them. Expect even more linguistic and cultural borrowings and consistencies across nations and regions" (JWT, 2012).

According to Magid Generational Strategies (2012) "Plurals are the most ethnically diverse generation to-date – currently only 55% of Plurals are Caucasian, compared to 72% among Baby Boomers."