NHS Blood & Transplant: Inspiring people to do the right thing


A campaign based on remarkable insights into the contradictions people feel about registering as organ donors dramatically changed attitudes to this difficult issue.


  • Getting people to reveal their true feelings about registering to be organ donors showed that focus groups only deliver reliable insights if the right questions are asked.

  • Turning the tables by asking people if they would want an organ transplant if they needed one highlighted the confusion most people felt about such a sensitive issue.

  • Playing on this 'right' sort of guilt kick-started a very successful campaign.


The National Health Service Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) was established to oversee the provision of a reliable, efficient supply of blood, organs and associated services to the NHS. Because the UK has one of the lowest rates of organ donation in Europe, there are 8,000 people registered for a transplant who face the dilemma of having to wait for an organ. 1,000 people die every year while waiting for a donor organ to become available.