You are not alone

Agency: Meares Taine



In 2001, 3-year international research study came to a shocking conclusion: over 50% of all men over 40 worldwide suffered from some form of erectile dysfunction. Equally disturbing was the fact that, because of the stigma involved, few were seeking treatment. At the same time, the most effective and convenient medication had been suffering for some time from the 'Hefner Effect'. Viagra was seen more as a party drug than the serious medicine it is and was not getting to the men who needed it most. Thus, the devastating effects of the condition on men's esteem and their relationships were continuing unchecked. This campaign was designed specifically to alert men and their partners of the widespread and common nature of their condition, and that it was as normal a part of ageing as failing eyesight and a receding hairline. Obviously, the delicacy of the subject required a campaign that walked a very fine line between making an impact and staying within the boundaries of good taste.


  • High awareness of Viagra yet little action in seeking treatment for the erection problem.
  • Reluctance and or embarrassment by doctors to screen their male patients for erection problems, time is limited and other medical conditions take precedence1.
  • Advertising prescription medicines in a heavily regulated environment; within the Medsafe (Ministry of Health guidelines), PGR (Parental Guidance), Television Commercial Approvals Bureau restriction, Research Medicines Industry Code of Practice and internal Pfizer medical approval standards. Competing oral prescription medicine; medical launch quarter 4 2001