The greening of SunChips

Jill Nykoliation and Gannon Jones

SunChips' successful communication of its commitment to the environment has lifted sales far above target and made it the winner of the Ware Prize 2010

In a world of infinite choice and tremendous distraction, why do consumers choose one brand over another? And why are they willing to do so, even at a premium? For the answer, we only need to look at our own behaviour as consumers. Brands that resonate with us as individuals do so at a personal level. Brands serve as a shorthand for what we value, what we believe in and who we want to be. Does the product have to be good? Absolutely. And innovation is critical to ensuring the product continues to meet its consumers' evolving needs, ahead of the competition. But product attributes do not make a brand; they are just the ante. Cars have to perform, laundry soap needs to get whites clean, chips should taste delicious, and mobile phone networks should have great coverage. But trying to win on attributes alone is a game of inches. The world of private label has proven this to be true.