Adstats: Native advertising

Native advertising is a paid ad model in which an advertiser provides content in the context of the user's online experience e.g. sponsored content or 'brought to you by'. Adoption among publishers is high, with 62% of respondents saying they have worked on a native campaign, compared with 41% of brands and 34% of agencies. Across all stakeholder groups, the main motivation to use it over traditional advertising is 'to provide a more relevant message' (67%), followed by the need to 'increase consumer engagement' (63%) and to 'generate awareness/buzz' (62%), while the most effective form is blog posts (58%). By 2015, brands and agencies expect to assign around one-fifth of their time or resources to native advertising.

Survey base: 1,013 global respondents working in the publishing, advertising/PR and brand marketing sectors.
Source: State of Native Advertising 2014, Hexagram and Spada.