The management of creativity

Winston Fletcher


There is an unbridgeable gap between the logic of business management and the laws of the creative world. The art of managing a creative group is to ensure that the conditions are as conducive to good work as they can be, and only then to apply the rules of efficiency. For efficiency is the enemy of originality and it can smother talent, which is of its nature non-conformist...this is a lesson which the McKinseys of this world will not learn, and perhaps cannot learn!

Sir Dennis Forman Chairman Granada Television (1974-1987)

What is creativity? Is it true that creative people are different from everyone else? Or do they just pretend to be? How do they manage to conjure up new ideas, just like that, out of thin air, whenever they have to? Why are they so egotistic, temperamental and undisciplined? What drives them on? Ambition? Money? Fame? Self-fulfilment? How can they be motivated, managed and controlled? How can their creativity be optimized within organizational disciplines and constraints?