Warc Webinar: The scale of mobile and respondent-optimized research

14 January 2014

Hosted by:

Jon Sadow (Product Manager; Google Consumer Surveys)


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The scale of mobile & respondent-optimized research (with Google Consumer Surveys)

In this Warc Webinar, Jon Sadow of Google Consumer Surveys uncovers some of the secrets behind mobile and respondent-optimized research.

While researchers generally acknowledge the potential mobile devices have to disrupt the research industry, the speed of adoption has been, at best, tepid. In the next 18 months, mobile devices will truly begin overtaking desktop, as more users turn to mobile devices than desktop to conduct search queries on Google. So why, given the potential scale, speed, and quality advantages of mobile, are less than 50% of researchers using mobile at all?

Until now, researchers have focused their attention on mobile-optimization and mobile-formatted surveys. Yet, many of the best practices for mobile-optimization are, in reality, best practices for any medium. For researchers to be seen again as innovators – knowing a dominant mobile world is near – they must embrace respondent-friendly question designs, shorter surveys, and techniques like modularization. This emphasis on respondent-optimized research can immediately benefit researchers today, as well as prepare the industry for the mobile future.

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