Word of Mouth

Viral and earned media-generating campaigns

Word of Mouth

Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, ad:tech New York, November 2014

This event report explains how Tough Mudder, an endurance event series, directs word of mouth to make its events more appealing to a broader group of people - who might otherwise be put off by the challenge.

Geoffrey Precourt, Event Reports, 4A's Strategy Festival, October 2014

This article shows how Always, Procter & Gamble's feminine hygiene brand, engaged consumers in a new way by changing the conversation surrounding its category.

Lena Roland, Event Reports, APG Noisy Thinking, November 2014

This event report outlines how brands can utilise influential ideas to make an emotional connection with consumers and so build equity.

Omaid Hiwaizi and Dan White , Admap, January 2015

This article argues that brands should aim for deeper brand experiences and audience engagement as this is a more effective way of building a brand, and sets out a measure to compare different types of brand activity.

Judit Nagy and Anjali Midha, Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 54, No. 4, 2014
The combined effect of using television and social media simultaneously has created an opportunity to influence a large - hitherto not well-understood - group: the "earned audience." The current research is believed to be the first to explore the value (as opposed to volume) of the "earned audience" (users exposed to Tweets about television programs and their sponsors) on the Twitter platform. By examining Twitter users' behavioral and attitudinal response to television Tweets during primetime television programming, the authors of the current study found that earned audiences would take actions both related to television viewing and engaging with their brand sponsors - an untapped potential for programmers and advertisers.

Harlan E. Spotts, Scott C. Purvis and Sandeep Patnaik, Journal of Advertising Research, Vol. 54, No. 4, 2014
The current study investigated the interactive relationship of social-media conversation and brand television advertising during the 2011 and 2012 U.S. National Football League Super Bowl championship games.

Ilona Janashvili and Alex Carroll, Account Planning Group - (Australia), Finalist, Creative Strategy Awards 2014

This case study explains how SPC, an Australian processed fruit brand, used a real-time social media strategy to revive its brand and increase sales.

Kate Smither, Ant Melder and Justin Graham, Account Planning Group - (Australia), Finalist, Creative Strategy Awards 2014

This case study shows how QUIT UK, a charity, used the Vine video platform to communicate the message that a person dies of a smoking-related illness every six seconds.

Angela Morris, Account Planning Group - (Australia), Gold, Creative Strategy Awards 2014

This case study explains how RAC Western Australia, the motoring mutual, improved road safety by focusing on a key, but under-recognised cause of accidents: driver inattention.



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