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Sustainability & CSR

Low Lai Chow, Event Reports, Mobile East Africa, February 2014
This event report addresses how Safaricom, the telecoms company, is helping transform the lives of customers and communities in Kenya. Perhaps its best-known innovation in this area is M-PESA, the micropayments service which has 18 million users, and has given consumers at the bottom of the pyramid access to vital financial services.

Tahaab Rais, Warc Prize for Social Strategy, Entrant, 2014
This case study shows how, to celebrate the spirit of positive change and optimism resulting from the Arab Spring, Coca-Cola launched 'Today I Will', an initiative aimed at unlocking individual potential whilst staying true to the values that shape Middle Eastern society. By giving the youth a platform to make their voices heard, Coke reached millions and engaged hundreds of thousands across the region, while Coca-Cola sales increased by 28% in Saudi Arabia and 16% in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

ARF Ogilvy Awards, Gold, Financial Services, 2014
This case study describes how Bank of America reintroduced its brand with an emotional campaign that sought to help customers connect with the things most important to them. Running in three phases the campaign acknowledged that the Bank is not central to customer's lives, but that it can help connect them with what is.

Jean Kristle Yu, Warc Prize for Social Strategy, Shortlisted, 2014
This case study describes a campaign in the Philippines by Tang, a beverage brand owned by Mondelez, which targeted and aimed to empower children with a recycling drive. Research found that the environment was a motivating concern for children and after working with children Tang came up with the idea of recycling the product's packaging into chairs which could then be distributed to schools.

Tahaab Rais, Warc Prize for Social Strategy, Bronze, 2014
This case study shows how the Coca-Cola Foundation created 'Ripples of Happiness' ('Amwaj Farah' in Arabic), the Middle East region's first collaborative, socially responsible community platform for the youth to do good for the sake of their community. This platform empowered teens and helped them to come together to face problems in their communities.

Marcia Roosevelt and Kelly Petrich,, Admap, March 2014
This article shares the findings of a US survey which sought to understand the attitudes of Millennials towards sustainability and sustainable brands. Survey results from 2013 were compared to 2009, with key findings including that the propensity to buy 'green' products has declined, and that men and younger people are least likely to buy such products.

Design Business Association, Grand Prix and Gold, Design Effectiveness Awards 2014
This case study describes how BEAR, the UK fruit snack brand, created a new brand identity focussing on 'natural' attributes to increase sales. The product was positioned as a healthy and natural snack option, utilising a bear character as a brand ambassador.

Design Business Association, Silver, Design Effectiveness Awards 2014
This case study describes how a brand was created for the Chatham Island Food Co, a small fish export company in New Zealand, to grow awareness and sales. To help Chatham Island launch a new range of fresh seafood products into the Australian hospitality market, the new brand needed to successfully convey the product's rare provenance, history and community values and summed up this as 'Food from the Edge'.

Design Business Association, Silver, Design Effectiveness Awards 2014
This case study describes an internal communications strategy by National Grid, the UK power network maintenance company, which sought to decrease cable strike accidents by engaging staff. Previous communications had been initially successful, but then lost impact.



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