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Stephen Whiteside, Event Reports, IEG Sponsorship, April 2015

This event report outlines how Red Bull Media House is drawing on its unparalleled expertise in content creation to help other brands engage consumers.

Patrick Fagan, Admap, April 2015

This article argues that Coca-Cola's new low-sugar variant - Coca-Cola Life - is doomed to fail.

Neil Gains, Admap, April 2015

This article explains how marketing in Asia often uses metaphor to build a sensory and emotional experience, and asserts that sensory experience it rooted in local culture.

Olivia Taylor, Market Research Society, Annual Conference, 2015

This paper explains how Innocent, the drinks company, incorporated behavioural economics into its packaging design test to launch a new product in the UK.

ARF Ogilvy Awards, Gold, Alcohol & beverages, 2015

This case study explains how Keurig, the coffee maker brand, used a stunt to associate itself with gift-giving and get people talking about its brand in the US.

ARF Ogilvy Awards, Silver, Alcohol & beverages, 2015

This case study explains how Starbucks, the coffee shop chain, used its sponsorship of TV show 'The Voice' in the US to highlight its pro-social activity and improve key brand metrics.

Lena Roland, Event Reports, Kids and Youth Research, Market Research Society, January 2015

This event report looks at two techniques – co-creation and humour – that marketers can use to reach different age groups within the children's market.

Euromonitor Profiles, February 2015
This Company Profile from Euromonitor provides key details and analysis of Suntory Ltd. Included is a strategic evaluation with key facts about the Japanese company, competitive positioning against comparative brands, and assessment of its position in the soft drinks market.

Geoffrey Precourt, Event Reports, ANA Brand Masters, February 2015

This event report charts the rise to prominence of Vita Coco, a coconut-water drink that was launched in 2004 and helped create a new category.



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