Outdoor Effectiveness

Billboards, posters and other outdoor ads

Outdoor Effectiveness

Lena Roland, Event Reports, Kinetic Moving Minds, April 2015

This event report considers how new technologies such as wearables and beacons may affect the world of marketing.

Luis Mendoza, Warc Prize for Social Strategy, Shortlisted, 2015

This case study explains how Coca-Cola, the beverage brand, adapted its globally successful 'Share a Coke' campaign for the US market to encourage teens to drink more Coke.

Rob Isaacs, Warc Prize for Social Strategy, Shortlisted, 2015

This case study describes the social media aspect of a campaign by Wall's, the ice cream brand owned by Unilever, which was designed to fit mobile and appeal to younger people in the UK.

Ally Kingston, Gerard Crichlow & Brent Gosling, Warc Prize for Social Strategy, Shortlisted, 2015

This case study describes how Walkers Crisps, the British snack brand, ran a new iteration of a previously successful flavour-invention campaign, this time with social media taking it to a new level.

Heather Andrew, ARF Experiential Learning, Re:think, March 2015

This paper argues that premium digital out-of-home media has a valuable 'priming' capability that makes people more receptive to other ad formats.

Case Studies on Warc, 2015

This campaign promoted the new Samsung Galaxy smartphone through an innovative live event that was filmed and then distributed via online video.

Case Studies on Warc, 2015

This low-budget campaign helped Adobe promote an event, Creative Days, while presenting the tech firm as an enabler of creativity.

Kinetic, April 2015

This article explains how behavioural economics can be used to change behaviour, using evidence from an experiment in the Westfield shopping centre in the UK.

Tony Regan, Warc Best Practice, April 2015

This article explores some of the issues when planning for out of home, including changing formats, broad audience reach and measuring effectiveness.



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