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Warc News, 22 April 2013
LAGOS: Advertising creates awareness but word-of-mouth endorsements, in person or electronically, are what drive purchase decisions in Africa, a study from Nielsen has claimed.The research company surveyed 8,168 urban consumers across 15 African coun.

Krishna Kashore Patnaik and Houda Koussa, ESOMAR, Qualitative Research, Cannes, November 2004
This paper explores methods to decode 'masculinity' from the collective unconscious through the eyes of the Arab culture, focusing in this study on Saudi Arabia. It is an attempt to propose and demonstrate methodologies which would help in decoding archetypes in the collective unconscious mind.

Warc News, 12 November 2001
A two-day hearing into accusations of racism in the nation’s advertising and media industries by a committee of the South African parliament [WAMN: 09-Nov-01], culminated in a decision to form a remedial task force. Operating under the aegis of.

Erik du Plessis, Admap, July 1995
The Adtrack system in South Africa measures the in-market ad awareness of all TV commercials within three weeks of their first appearance. It is unlikely that there exists a generalised response curve, impact rate or retention rate which is valid for all commercials.

Warc News, 6 November 2012
DUBAI: Social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook are enhancing their presence in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), an area with considerable growth potential for these services.YouTube, the video-sharing portal owned by Google, is attem.

Direct Marketing Association - UK, Gold, 2011
Given prevailing economic conditions, British Airways (BA), the UK-based airline, wanted to broaden its business audience from large corporate clients to SMEs, as the former had been cutting back spend significantly. BA introduced a loyalty programme called 'On Business' which featured individual SMEs from around the world, giving them free publicity which they normally would not have been able to afford.

Warc News, 27 May 2013
DUBAI: Digital advertising expenditure in the Middle East will grow at between 25% and 30% a year to reach $1bn by 2018, according to an industry expert. Dimitri Metaxas, executive regional director, digital at Omnicom MENA, told Gulf Business that t.

Warc News, 11 March 2010
DUBAI: The financial crisis has exerted a direct impact on three-quarters of consumers in the Middle East and North Africa, a new study has found.YouGovSiraj, the research firm, and Bayt, the recruitment specialist, surveyed 10,699 adults in 13 marke.

Warc News, 9 April 2013
DUBAI: Television adspend in the Middle East could rise by 50% if issues related to accurate audience measurement can be resolved, with brand owners like Unilever and Ford keen for new solutions to be found. Advertisers in the region have complained .

Nic S. Terblanche, International Journal of Market Research, Vol. 56, No. 5, 2014, pp. 655-671
A positive corporate reputation held by customers is important for both financial and customer outcome variables. However, limited research has been undertaken to examine the relationship between corporate reputation and customer-related behaviours.



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