Developing Insights

Getting insights for ad campaigns

Developing Insights

Nathalie de Rochechouart, Kim Gaspar, Florence Rainsard and Mark Whiting, ESOMAR, Congress, Nice, September 2014

This paper describes the thinking behind, the ambitions for and the challenges faced in developing an actionable and differentiated approach to generating and leveraging insights at Pernod Ricard, the alcoholic drinks company.

Vivek Banerji, Takashi Takenoshita and Melissa Dagless, ESOMAR, Congress, Nice, September 2014

This paper illustrates how customer insights helped Shionogi, a Japanese pharma company, launch a new drug in the women's health category in Europe.

Annelies Verhaeghe, Natalie Malevsky and Thijs Van de Broek, ESOMAR, Congress, Nice, September 2014

This paper highlights six common myths in research and sets out related best practices for generating new consumer insights, using work with Telefonica, the telecoms company, as an example.

Thomas Kelly and Christian Kugel, ESOMAR, Best Paper Overall, Congress, Nice, September 2014

This paper sets out how 'configurable insights' - a customisable data visualisation tool - allows people who aren't from a market research background to present and use data.

Eric Singler, Françoise Waintrop, Richard Bordenave and Etienne Bressoud, ESOMAR, Best Case History, Congress, Nice, September 2014

This paper demonstrates how the French government used "nudging" to promote the use of digital tax administration and proposes guidelines on the best use of nudge design for optimal ROI.

Chris Brown, International Journal of Market Research, Vol. 56, No. 4, 2014
The process of ‘knowledge mobilisation’ is defined as the means through which decision makers within organisations digest, accept, then ‘take on board’ research findings. It is argued in Brown (2011), however, that current models designed to explain knowledge mobilisation activity fail to fully account for the complexities that affect its operation.

Gary Klein, Admap, July/August 2014

This article discusses the value of different types of consumer insight gathering and argues that these should not be lost in the rise of big data.

Joseph Clift, Event Reports, Cannes Lions, June 2014

This report summarises a presentation from creative agency Iris Worldwide at the 2014 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, discussing how planners can use data in smart ways.

Nicolas Chollet, Walther Oettgen and Benjamin Saulnier, ESOMAR, Digital Dimensions, June 2014

This paper explains how freely available internet search engine data can be used to understand consumer needs, perceptions of terms and how brands are viewed.



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