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Case Studies on Warc, Warc 100, 2014
Cão Sem Dono, a Brazilian charity, organised a live stunt featuring a trash can with a difference in order to highlight the societal problem of abandoned dogs. It set up a real-life "doggy trash can" in front of one of the city's largest pet shops.

Case Studies on Warc, Warc 100, 2014

This campaign aimed to get Brazilian consumers to favour their cards over using cash, by highlighting the cards' attributes of being comparatively modern, convenient and safe.

Warc News, 28 July 2014
NEW YORK: Marketers have a "unique and valuable" opportunity to win the attention of Twitter users in Brazil who are already following brands on the platform, but not yet engaging with them directly, a new report has argued.That is the conclusion of .

Joseph Clift, Event Reports, Flamingo, July 2014

This event report summarises a briefing from market research firm Flamingo, which looked into the real story behind three stereotypes about Brazil.

Warc News, 30 June 2014
NEW YORK: Brands could extend their reach during the FIFA World Cup after more than half (56%) of American fans using the internet, who are also willing to share ads on their social networks, said they would do so to support a brand they like.Accordi.

Cannes Creative Lions, Winner, Creative Effectiveness Lions, 2014

This brief case study for Dove, the beauty brand, describes a campaign that confronted women about their self-image.

Cannes Creative Lions, Creative Effectiveness Lions, 2014

This case study describes how HEMOBA, a Brazilian blood bank, partnered with a football team to increase blood donations through team affinity.

Cannes Creative Lions, Creative Effectiveness Lions, 2014

This case study describes how Sao Paulo State, Brazil, re-imagined its annual winter clothing drive to increase donations and the quality of donations.

Warc News, 12 June 2014
GLOBAL: Before a ball is kicked, the 2014 football World Cup has already generated more social buzz than any comparable event and is set to be the most social sporting event ever.Adobe Digital Index (ADI) collected conversations from blogs, Facebook,.



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