From Prime Time To My Time

From Prime Time To My Time

Audience Measurement in the Digital Age
By Andrew Green

January 2010


Hardback 216x138mm

US$43.50 +p&p
"Well written and researched. I'm sure it will be a helpful reference."
Antony Young, CEO, Optimedia International US
"The first readable book on media research I’ve ever come across."
Roger Holland, Chief Executive, JICREG
"well written, balanced and comprehensive"
Steve Wilcox, Managing Director, RSMB Television Research Ltd
Fifty years ago, people watched the same television programmes, listened to the same radio stations and read the same magazines and newspapers. ‘Prime time’ broadcasts gave advertisers the opportunity to reach vast audiences, all at the same time.
With people now being increasingly in control of their own media environment, instead of measuring prime time, we should now be measuring ‘my time’.
Today, the growth in media options has meant that people can construct their own broadcast schedules using the internet, digital video recorders or other technologies.
Prime Time to My Time is the insightful new book in which Andrew Green, an experienced media research practitioner traces the history of audience measurement in each of the main media and outlines some of the key challenges facing it as the digital revolution takes hold. It examines the past and present of audience measurement and sets the scene for a radically different future.
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