The Hidden Power of Advertising

The Hidden Power of Advertising

A landmark development in advertising theory
By Robert Heath
July 2001

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297x210 mm, 124 pages

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What people are saying about The Hidden Power of Advertising...
"This is the best thing I have read for years. In a nutshell, advertising and stealth bombers have much in common. Both fly underneath the radar of conscious attention. Both are extremely effective… the implications for the future of conventional big budget TV advertising and traditional quantitative brand and advertising pre-testing tracking research make this mandatory reading for marketing professionals."
Wendy Gordon, The Fourth Room
"I've just finished reading The Hidden Power of Advertising… I'm convinced that as the pressure intensifies on advertising practitioners to become more and more scientific, this is an important addition that will be widely used and reviewed."
David Bell, The Interpublic Group
"In a well-written review of evidence from cognitive psychology theory and advertising literature, Heath builds the case for Low Involvement Processing, whereby advertising plants branding seeds in the implicit memory, to powerful effect. A must-read…"
Rob White, Fallon Minneapolis
"This is a rare beast: a new theory about advertising that makes retrospective sense of old instinctive practices. It is immediately exciting and sure to prove important."
Jeremy Bullmore, WPP Group plc
"A great read ...It certainly will open the eyes of many to what branding is about."
Simon Broadbent, BrandCon
"Mr Heath has had the presence of mind to consider the mind the way we all experience it - as an emotive rather than a motive construction machine. Marketing managers, take heed."
Dr Robert D. Deutsch, DDB Worldwide
"If you only have time to read one book about how advertising works, choose this one. Robert Heath's new work provides a rational explanation for key aspects of brand behaviour that other theories to date have been unable to reach."
Mike Waterson, Advertising Association
The way advertising works is not so transparent after all. Advertising does have some sort of hidden power which enables it to influence us without our realising it.
The Hidden Power of Advertising presents a radical new challenge to traditional thinking about the way consumers interact with and process brand communication.
For over 70 years the universal assumption has been that advertising is only effective if it consciously persuades consumers to choose a particular brand. In such circumstances attention is critical, which is why most of the advertising industry's creative resource is focused on achieving the highest possible levels of interest and awareness. But how is it that advertising can and frequently does work, even when consumers have no conscious awareness of having seen or heard the ads themselves?
Recent neuroscientific research has shown that the brain's capacity to absorb certain types of brand information is far greater than we ever imagined. Building on these findings, Robert Heath is able to explain with exceptional clarity how advertising creates meaningful and enduring brand associations in our minds, even when we pay virtually no attention to it. These associations exert a powerful influence on our intuitive feelings, and can unknowingly drive us to choose and buy particular brands.
This mechanism - low involvement processing - turns out to be an especially effective way of getting through to consumers, who in general have little or no interest in learning about brands. Heath shows that low involvement processing has been a major factor behind the success of mega-brands in markets as diverse as insurance, cars, toilet paper, cigarettes, and beer.
The Hidden Power of Advertising is a must-read for those involved with creating, planning and researching effective advertising, advertising and marketing academics, indeed anyone interested in the field of advertising and marketing communications.
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