Event Listings

This page details advertising and marketing conferences and events run by Warc and its partner organisations around the world. Further details are available direct from the organisers.

Conferences labelled Warc attending will be attended and reported on by Warc. See our Event Reports page for the latest reports.

February 2015

MRS: The Performance Lab 
5 February, 2015
London, UK
How to build your personal brand for maximum professional impact: the secrets of successful negotiation, presentation styles that engage and hold an audience, and daring productivity ideas that change the way you work. Broadcast your value and skills for career success.

Email: conference@mrs.org.uk
Web: mrs.org.uk
3 - 5 February, 2015
Brussels, Belgium
Following the ever-changing demands of qualitative research, the 6th annual Qualitative360 Europe conference will provide and ideal networking platform, with exciting speakers, cutting edge discussions and a review of the latest methodologies, tools and case studies available.

Join us in Brussels from 3-5 February 2015 to embrace change in qualitative research, explore new methodologies, assess the latest technologies, contextualise ethnographic insights and ultimately reclaim the interpretative potency of qualitative research as an integral driver of business growth.

Email: jens@merlien.org
Web: qual360.com

MRS: The Information Economy 
26 February, 2015
London, UK
Casting insightful light on commerce, society, data and technology through lively provocations and cross-discipline expertise. Learn how to fuse diverse data streams to paint a picture of the here and now, and as a route map to the future.

Email: conference@mrs.org.uk
Web: mrs.org.uk

March 2015

MRS: The Innovation Lab 
5 March, 2015
London, UK
How to generate compelling ideas that power new business, products and services. Learn how to effectively generate, sift and action ideas. Techniques for feeding inspiration, the power of teamwork in the creation of the new, and the value of failure and how it can be put to use.

Email: conference@mrs.org.uk
Web: mrs.org.uk
MRMW Asia- Pacific 
10 - 12 March, 2015
Grand Park City Hall, Singapore
Mobile-based research methods are increasingly being recognized as the best way to get timely and cost-effective insights. In Asia, the staggering and continuous growth of mobile penetration, along with the willingness of consumers to experiment with new technologies, provide an unmatched opportunity to extend MR far beyond traditional research.

Building on the continued success for the only global conference series focusing on innovation and mobile marketing research, MRMW features world class speakers, cutting edge discussions and a review of the latest tools and technologies available.

Email: jens@merlien.org
Web: mrmw.net